How to Effectively Use Images in Website Design

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The humble image remains one of the most important tools for web designers to wow visitors to your website.  A great photograph will always capture the attention and the imagination of your users in a way that is hard to match.  

Learn how to use images in website design, apply them, or let your web design agency apply them.  You will see the difference it makes in increasing site traffic, engagement, and conversion.

What Role Do Images Play in Website Design?

The effectiveness of your imagery will impact the effectiveness of your website.  Here are the roles that great imagery play:

  • Grab the attention of your users
  • Hold the attention of your users
  • Directing your users to the content you want them to see and act upon

In short, high-quality images displayed on your site will significantly have a positive impact on your audience.  You are telling them that what …

The Beauty of Custom Diamond Rings

Custom Designed Engagement Rings | Brilliant Earth

Everyone always wants their things to be unique, especially when it comes to something they wear. Jewelries are one of women’s obsessions and rings are one of the jewelries they can’t live without. And when it comes to ring, diamonds are the number one choice for women especially for their engagements or even other events in their lives. Rings can symbolize a lot of things, for engagement rings it can be a symbol of commitment from your partner or rings that are given by your loved ones can reflect how much they value you. Custom Diamond Rings can be a wise choice when planning to get a ring for your loved ones, a personalized ring can be a way to show how much you know your partner.

Steps in Getting a Customized Ring

Get Ready with a Layout 

Just like any other project layout is needed when you wish …