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All the large charities I contacted asserted that they sell more than that—30 percent at Goodwill, 45 to 75 percent at the Salvation Army and 40 p.c at Housing Works, to provide a couple of examples. This disparity is probably as a result of, not like small charity retailers, these bigger organizations have well-developed techniques for processing clothes. If objects don’t promote in the main retail retailer, they’ll Shopping send them to their retailers, the place clients can stroll out with a bag stuffed with clothes for just some dollars. Smaller municipalities have tried curbside assortment programs, however most go underpublicized and unused. The finest wager in most places is to take your old clothes to a charity. Haul your bag to the back door of Goodwill, the Salvation Army or a smaller local store, get a tax receipt and congratulate yourself on your largess.

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